Our Program

We provide various services that help develop a leadership and community mindset among our students.

Seminar and Workshops.

Through these workshops, we provide students with the chance to learn and gain inspiration from industry professionals. Our trainers, volunteers, and guest-speakers conduct these seminars where students learn specific skills and information that adds to their business knowledge.

Entrepreneurship Tours.

These tours are part of the experiential learning model that we follow. Students get to meet successful entrepreneurs and see how startups work. We take them to the offices of startups where they are given a full tour of the company, and they are exposed to the working environment of an entrepreneurial venture. This enriches their journey towards becoming an entrepreneur themselves and adds to their motivation.

Summer Business Camp.

Our summer camp is for passionate future entrepreneurs to unlock their leadership skills and develop a fundamental understanding of the business world.

We focus on the various aspects of business, leadership, and entrepreneurship as a whole throughout multiple sessions throughout the summers. At Aerie, we also conduct a competition where students get to initiate their startup in groups by applying all the concepts they learn during the camp. At the end of the camp, we select the best ones and award them a grant to pursue the idea further.

In-House Business Coaching.

These coaching classes provide students with the necessary knowledge of entrepreneurship mindset, finance, economics, and marketing, among other aspects of a business. All in-house business coaching classes are aimed at developing the students’ minds as an entrepreneur. Our instructors frequently give practical examples to expose students to the real world as much as possible. We believe that these coaching sessions provide essential learning for any student who wishes to learn about the practical and theoretical aspects of a business.

One-On-One Business Counselling.

These counseling sessions are designed for students who have an idea they want to convert into a business. This helps budding entrepreneurs earn individual attention to fast-track their entrepreneurial journey. We have entrepreneurs who volunteer to coach these students and take them through the journey of starting a business or merely guiding them for a career in business.